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"I think this is a great benefit--really the only one that I make use of. is an amazing resource, and so easy to use."
"I thought the classes were great, I learned a lot in a short period of time, enough of the basics that I can edit my own stories, and improve with practice."
"I thought the video training offered by the Union was wonderful. I can't recommend it highly enough, and hope they continue to offer it as a member benefit."
"The instructor was top notch and very helpful. I had a little trouble with the "project " assigned as I am not a producer that has to create a video. But working in a team of 2, I was able to give my input without the responsibility of the whole project. Thank you again."
"The training session was fantastic. The instructor was super at explaining how final cut pro works and how to actually use it. I've done more video and his tips about how to shoot and what kind of images to include made so much sense."
"The training was great! Although it hasn't helped me at work yet, I believe that it will in the not-so-distant future. We're expanding our Web site and planning to include videos on a more regular basis. I'd like to be able to contribute in that area. Time will tell! THANK YOU for the great opportunity."
"The FCP training helped me to become a faster, more creative editor. The class helps with basic and intermediate elements that will get you started in the world of non-linear editing."
"I enjoyed the MSSC training, but most importantly, the interviewing class I participated in was informative and critical to my successful interview"
"The class was very flexible." [A+]
"I've never seen a process work so smoothly. I hope [my co-workers] are smart enough to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity."[A+]
"I think it is a worthwhile program and encourage others to take it for future opportunities in the IT field." [CCNA]