Focus On You

Focus on U is This newest part of CWA/NETT Academy provides personal guidance for members in the areas of Financial Planning, Job Preparation, and Personal Skills and Employer Specific EXAM Prep. The program provides you unlimited access to a variety of self-paced learning modules to prepare you for you r next phase in life. Focus on U It is an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements, building workplace skills using KeyTrain®, and creating life-literacy with such skills as financial awareness, Business Etiquette, Communication Skills and job searching. It's a powerful way to build self-esteem, provide real credentials, and simply set participants up for success. It is the latest CWA members benefit and it is all complementary.

How it works

Review the list of courses offered below. If one of them appeals to you or a family member. Just log-in to CWA/NETT and select REGISTER for “Focus On U” access. Once you register for the program. You will be contact by one of our staff with log-in instructions to access the courseware. You will receive unlimited access to the courses in the program.


All CWA members and their immediate family are eligible for this complementary training program. Just share your log-in information at home. You must enter your local number when registering for us to validate your membership status.


  1. Financial Planning
    • Financial Planning and Investing
    • Checking and Savings Accounts
    • Budgeting
    • Insurance
    • Credit Cards and Loans
  2. Job Readiness
    • Writing a Resume
    • Job Search Strategies
    • Interviewing Strategies Presenting Yourself
    • Effective resumes
    • Interviewing Skills
    • Personal Characteristics
    • Time Management
    • Communicating at Work
    • Speaking
    • Listening
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