CWA/NETT Academy and Stanly Community College FAQs


  1. Am I going to learn the same thing as I would in a classroom?

    a. Yes, in most cases, you'll be working from the exact same curriculum as someone taking a course taught in a classroom. But you can read and absorb the information at your own pace, and schedule your study time to fit into your day. CWA/NETT Academy explores some topics in more depth than classroom courses, especially if you compare CWA/NETT Academy to 'boot camp' or 'cram course' style test-preparation classes.

  2. Will I get to actually work with the technology I'm studying?

    a. Yes, in many CWA/NETT Academy courses, you will be required to attend a lab, where a proctor will test you on your ability to complete certain tasks with provided equipment. Practice time is also available at these labs.

  3. Is this program accredited?

    a. Yes! CWA/NETT Academy courses are taught through our education partner, Stanly Community College (SCC), in North Carolina. SCC is accredited to award Associate degrees by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. If you opt to take courses for college credit (they do cost more), they will be recognized in most U.S. institutions of higher learning. If you opt for continuing education credit, most CWA employers recognize CWA/NETT Academy training. Most CWA/NETT Academy students found that their training here provided a good foundation for passing certification tests and taking on new job responsibilities.

  4. How do I get my employer to pay for this?

    a. If you have an allowance for career training as part of your benefits package, it should be fairly simple. See your human resources manager, or visit our Employer Benefits page for some helpful links. Once you've chosen your class, your employer will provide you with necessary forms to have your tuition reimbursed or pre-paid.

  5. Is there a real person I can talk to if I have questions?

    a. Yes! There are lots of us. During your course, you will be able to contact your instructor via telephone or e-mail. You can even contact your instructor now to help you decide. We also have administrative staff at CWA who can answer questions about the registration process and tuition aid. Visit our Contact Us page and you'll find a number of people who will be happy to answer your questions.

  6. Where will my instructor be?

    a. Your instructor will be at Stanly Community College in Albemarle, North Carolina. You'll have telephone and e-mail contact information you can use to contact your instructor with questions regarding course material or the distance learning interface.

  7. Will I have to go anywhere for this course?

    a. In most cases, there is no travel required to take CWA/NETT classes. However, a few of the courses require a hands-on laboratory experience, under the observation of a Lab Proctor. In our Courses listing, these are marked "On Site Lab Required."

  8. Why are there 3 different Tuition rates?

    a. If you are taking CWA/NETT Academy courses to work towards a degree, you will need to pay for College Credits. Since Stanly Community College, which provides our instructors, is located in North Carolina, NC residents receive an In State discount on these College Credits. If you opt not to earn College Credits, but to work for Continuing Education Units (CUEs) you will save even more money. You may, however, want to check with your employer before you decide whether you want to earn College Credit or CUEs, since that may be a factor in whether your employer will pay for your courses.

  9. Once I create a log-in, am I signed up for my course?

    a. No. But it's the first step! Creating a log-in and logging in to the website gives you privileged access to the website's extra features. But in order to take a course, you'll have to submit an application to Stanly Community College via our Registration process, which is only accessible once you've created a log-in for the CWA/NETT Academy website.

  10. How do I get my CWA/NETT Academy password?

    a. If you just created a log-in, you will be able to create your own password. If you have forgotten your password, please feel free to click the link to have us send you your password, or e-mail us at memberetc@cwa-union.org.

  11. Can I transfer credits?

    a. CWA/NETT through SCC will consider awarding transfer credit from any regionally accredited college or university if a grade of C or better was earned within the last ten years. Appeals of transfer credit evaluation are considered on an individual basis. Please contact Rita at Stanly Community College directly at 704.991.0345 to ask about specific credits.

    b. Students with prior military training should use the American Council on Education (ACE) to determine if military training can be converted to academic credits. The ACE Military Programs website is accessible at http://www.acenet.edu/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Military_Programs

    c. Students with experience in law enforcement should obtain a copy of their training record or transcript. Credit is awarded for a total of up to 12 semester hours for basic training. Additional in-service training is considered on an individual basis.

  12. What if I have questions?

    a. Please contact CWA/NETT Academy at 877.676.4553 or memberetc@cwa-union.org

    b. Please contact Stanly Community College at 704.991.0345 or lykke7466@stanly.edu


  1. How do I log in to WebCT?

    a. From the Entry Page, click Log in to.

    b. In the WebCT ID text box, enter your WebCT ID: first initial+last name+last four digits of Datatel ID number, which may be found on your registration form. (Example: jsmith1234)

    c. Enter your password: The default password is composed of the first initial of your last name capitalized+the second letter of your last name+last four digits of your Datatel ID number. (Please note that your password may be the same as it was the previous semester. It may not have been reset to the default. If the default password does not work, please try the password you used in the previous semester.)

  2. How do I change my WebCT password?

    a. You are encouraged to change your password when you first log in to WebCT. Never give your ID and password to anyone.

    b. From your myWebCT page, click Password settings. The Password Settings screen appears.

    c. Under Change Password, complete the text boxes and click Update password. A confirmation screen appears, and your password is changed.

    d. Click Continue. The Login to WebCT screen appears.

    e. In the WebCT ID text box, enter your WebCT ID.

    f. In the Password text box, enter your new password.

    g. Click Log in. Your myWebCT appears.

  3. What do I need to do if I forget my WebCT password?

    a. If you forget your password, use the login hint. Your password will be replaced with a new one and is then emailed to you. (For this to work you must have set up the password hint question that is requested when changing your password for the first time.)

    b. From the Entry Page, click Forgot your password? The Password Help screen appears.

    c. In the WebCT ID text box, enter your WebCT ID and click Go. Your login hint question appears.

    d. In the Your Answer text box, enter the answer to your login hint question and click Go. The confirmation screen appears, your password is changed. The new password is emailed to your external email account.

    e. Click Continue. The Entry Page appears.

    f. Retrieve the email containing your new password from your external email account.

    g. Using your new password, log in to your myWebCT.

  4. How do I know if my browser works properly with WebCT?

    a. WebCT Campus Edition automatically checks whether your browser is validated for use with WebCT in the login screen, in myWebCT, and in course homepages. However, you may also want to check to see if your browser is non-validated using Check Browser. Check Browser also gives you access to WebCT’s Browser Tune-up page where there is up-to-date information about all classifications of browsers.

    b. A validated browser is one that is compatible with WebCT. A non-validated browser is one that is not fully tested or has known minor issues with WebCT. An unsupported browser is one that is incompatible with WebCT. To check your browser:

    c. From the Menu Bar, click Check Browser. A message appears indicating if the browser you are using is validated, non-validated, or unsupported. If you want more information about supported browsers, click the link to WebCT’s Browser Tune-up page.

  5. What is an access code?

    a. If you are taking a course that is based on an epack, which is an online course package created by a publisher and designed for use with WebCT, you may need to use an access code to get into the course. (An access code is an alphanumeric code supplied by the publisher.) If so, you will be prompted to enter an access code the first time you log in to the course. Once the access code has been successfully entered, you will not be asked for it again.

    b. You can purchase an access code in one of the following ways:

    1. bundled with your new textbook

    2. as a stand-alone package in the campus bookstore

    3. online at WebCT.com. To access this link, return to the Enter Access Code screen and click WebCT.com.

  6. What do I do if I do not have an access code?

    a. If you are having trouble obtaining an access code, you can access an epack course temporarily without an access code. Temporary access allows you to access a course for a period of 15 days without an access code. If any of the following situations applies, you can request temporary access to an epack course:

    1. You are waiting for the course’s access codes to arrive at your campus bookstore.

    2. You are having trouble entering your access code and need technical assistance.

    3. After the Temporary Access period expires, you cannot access the course without a valid Access Code. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to obtain and successfully enter an Access Code as soon as possible. Note: You can request Temporary Access only once per course.

  7. Whom do I contact if I have technical difficulties?

    a. Contact the SCC Help Desk for assistance with technical issues: DLHelpDesk@stanly.edu or (704) 991-0258

  8. How do I contact my instructor?

    a. Online courses are presented through an application called WebCT.  WebCT has a number of communications tools including email.  Your instructor’s contact information will be located in your course syllabus.  Your syllabus will be found through a clearly marked link on your course’s home page.  Email contact should always be through the WebCT course unless you are experiencing technical difficulties. 

  9. Will I know if and when my instructor is going to be unavailable?

    a. Your instructor will advise you if he or she will be unavailable for an extended period of time.  Check your instructor’s communication policies in your syllabus for guidelines.  Conferences, sickness, and other events can cause absences and delays in communication.  Your instructor will try to keep you informed to reduce any frustration.